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Oral Surgery: Extraction Procedure Videos

The live surgery and treatment videos, along with animation clips provided through manufacturers, are grouped by Procedure, Popular Name or Treatment Outcome.

  • Comprehensive Surgery: Extractions and Implants in One Appointment

    Same Day Teeth Full mouth reconstruction that incorporates extractions, bone grafts, ridge splitting, placement of immediate load implants and a full mouth of temporary prosthetic teeth can all take place in one day... one appointment. With the right combinations of technologies and surgical procedures patients can avoid being without teeth. Footage provided by Ara Nazarian, DDS, Troy MI.

  • Easy X-TRAC System - Preventing Extraction Related Bone Loss

    No Bone Loss No Grafting Demonstration of the Easy X-TRAC System that provides dentists and specialists the ability to extract teeth with no bone loss, no tilting or twisting movements and, subsequently, no post-traumatic swelling. Additional benefits may include the the avoidance of needed bone restoration (grafting) and healing time of soft tissue.

  • Molar (Wisdom Teeth) Extractions

    Tooth Removal Multimedia Clip Warning: VERY GRAPHIC. A demonstration of the surgical procedures used for extractracting two molars (including wisdom tooth) in the lower jaw. See how molars are extracted after connective tissue attached to tooth roots is severed and appropriate pain management medications are administered for each both extraction sites Presentation provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Ogram Method Jaw Edentulation: Minimally Invasive Tooth Removal

    No Bone Loss Noninvasive Extractions An EXTREMELY GRAPHIC video demonstating efficient minimally invasive protocols for removing 8 teeth on a lower jaw... in less than 5 minutes. Strict adherance to extraction protocols developed in Europe enable extractions that appear to be almost effortless and least traumatic for the patient. Destruction of jawbone during extractions is eliminated and minimizes need for bone grafting.

  • Avoiding Bone Grafting - Easy-XTRAC Demo

    No Jaw Bone Loss Oral Surgery A live clip showing the use of the Easy XTRAC tooth extraction instrument that eliminates or minimizes the usual bone loss that can occur with traditional tooth extractions. Watch basic pre-extraction procedures that include a small pilot hole and preliminary severing of ligaments. Extraction occurs literally within seconds. Recommended viewing for prospective implant patients.

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